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hybrid pool heater reviews
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hybrid pool heater reviews

hybrid pool heater reviews

Since it needs sunlight to operate, you will be saving on monthly operating costs. Electric heat pump pool heaters also have a longer life span (10-20 yrs.) Unlike other types of heaters (such as heat pumps and solar heaters), it will not be affected by the weather since it doesn’t take any energy to heat the pool from the outside; Low emission technology makes it more eco-friendly than other natural gas heaters on the market and suits California and Texas regulations; High efficiency. Let me start with the delivery process, it was flawless. The Hayward H-Series natural gas heater is durable; the heat exchanger is made of the material used in building propellers and hulls of ships (cupro-nickel). With this Raypak, you can feel like you’re in the Caribbean each and every day of the year and save enough money to actually go there! It is negligence from the customer’s end. We are reviewing the 50-gallon size which, obviously, comes with a 50-gallon tank for hot water reservoir. We’ve also added a landscaping cover surrounded by timbers. And there is nothing wrong if I say it’s a heating pump instead of a heater. It was easy-to-install and it has an automatic switch-off function when it detects a drop in water pressure. People often claim that the manufacturer will not honor the warranty if something happens. I would advise you to buy an installation kit, even if you don’t plan on installing it on the roof. With the smaller 7500-gallon inground pool, it heats at about 1-2 degrees per hour. Rheem Performance Platinum 10-Year Hybrid High-Efficiency Smart Tank Electric Water Heater This is where we come in and help. To read more information on this heater type, jump to the section with electric heaters, and see whether this type suits your needs. Copyright 2020, ByRossi. Also called tankless pool heaters, the other advantage of these units is their space-saving design—making them good for large or small pools. But it will not cause problems if it is placed outside (as most of the heaters); We recommend the Hayward H-Series Natural gas heater for: People who have a natural gas connection and don’t want to be dependent on weather conditions. To find more information on how to avoid this problem and save money, jump to the section with common heater problems. You will certainly need help to transfer it to your home; Will not heat the water if the environment temperature is below 50°F. Why not invest in a robotic pool cleaner? a gas heater will be the leader in quick heating; a heat pump will be perfect if you want to maintain the desired temperature; solar heater — for sunny regions. So, go ahead and do your due diligence, consider your needs, read the electric pool heater reviews above another time or two, and purchase a great electric pool heater that will keep your pool warm and inviting for years to come! No, it will just increase your energy bills, we recommend using a pool cover to maintain the desired temperature overnight. However, with so much to consider and your hard-earned money on the line, it can also be a difficult one. I live in northern Florida, the temperature at nights has been as low as the 40s with daytime highs of 50s or 60s. You may have read complaints regarding damaged units delivered from online stores. It needs to be slow yet strong enough for the water pressure, With the sun shining brightly on the panels, this did a wonderful job in heating the pool. A higher rated pool heater (BTU’s) will enable your pool to be heated at the correct temperature without straining and stressing the heater. With a titanium heat exchanger, premium Mitsubishi rotary compressor, and enamel-coated steel exterior, it’s designed to take a beating and keep on heating. This unit will add 2°F per hour on average. Note: SmartPool S601P complete doesn’t include an installation kit — SK21 system kit, it is sold separately. Keep the water perfectly balanced all the time is difficult, so it is better to have a “safety bag” — check valve (jump to the section check valve to read more) and a zinc anode in case you are an owner of a saltwater pool (jump to the section heater performance in the saltwater pool to find more information). 7 Best Pool Heaters for Inground Pools – Plunging into a pool full of spine-chilling water can turn out to be a bad experience, especially in those months with lower temperatures! Nearly all electric pool heaters reviews recommend the Hayward CSPAXI11 for its performance, durability, and a stellar reputation. Best Pool Heaters for Inground Pools & Benefits 2021. 99 The electricity bill isn’t too much. The running costs will be 7 times less than a gas heater; Heats water quickly. It is 2 times quicker than any other heat pump that we have reviewed. While impressive for such a small and affordable heater, it may not be ideal for anyone in search of instant gratification. Tired of cleaning your pool? The pump arrived in perfect condition, there wasn’t even a scratch on it. It doesn’t require overnight heating. OrangeA Pool Heater Electric 11KW 220V Spa Heater. This heater is 4 times louder than other heat pumps from our list. When up and running, it performs like a champ as well, earning it the top spot in this and many other heat pump pool heater reviews. The pool is now a family attraction that even my friends love. Pool heat pumps cost more than gas pool heaters and electric pool heaters to buy initially. Fafco Solar Bear — the best solar choice for above ground pools, Gas heaters & Heat pumps & Electric heaters, Zinc anode to prevent corrosion in a saltwater pool, Typical problems with pool heaters and how to avoid them, Accessories to prolong the lifespan and achieve maximum efficiency, BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer. Electric heat pump pool heaters also have a longer life span (10-20 yrs.) There are a lot of places to buy a pool heater (numerous online and offline stores) but we highly recommend choosing the biggest online retailer — Amazon.com. It’s not simple to install. With Amazon, this procedure is much easier than with any other known online store. Using a pool cover can reduce the cost by 3-4 times. On average the gas/ electric/ heat pump warranty is 1 year and for solar heaters, it is 5 years. Here there is a common feature for electric heaters and gas heaters — both can operate effectively in any temperature and weather. Unlike heat pumps or solar collectors, gas heaters don’t take the energy from the surroundings, they produce it. While large in comparison to other pool heaters, the installation process for most pool owners takes less than a half-hour, allowing you to have it running and warming up your swimming pool in no time at all. Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater. Purchased the Pentair 140 pool heat pump. The warranty period of this heater is the longest amongst other heaters in our list; Not efficient in areas not exposed to sunlight. Gas heaters were extremely popular in the past, but with the increase in gas prices and a high number of emissions in the environment, people are looking for more efficient and eco-friendly alternatives. It also complies with the California and Texas regulations. Benefits of Having a Hybrid Water Heater. Quick to heat small pools or hot tubs. The heat pump is a very eco-friendly heater type, it can also be used in areas where solar heaters do not work well (e.g. Also, buying a heater on Amazon is very beneficial and can save you a lot of money, as the buyers of pool heaters prove: “I was being charged a whopping $1,000 more by a pool repair company for a low-brand pool heater that had the same specs. The timer will also be useful if you live in an area with frequent power outages, it will make heating the water much easier. The water temperature increased from 77 degrees to 86 degrees in just 8 hours. The bigger surface of solar panels, the more solar energy will be collected and the quicker you will achieve perfect water temperature. The. If you can wait longer to heat the pool and want to save money on operating costs, this unit will be perfect for you. Over time, the zinc anode will break down and sacrifice itself, in this way no metal parts in your pool heater will be affected by corrosion. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater, Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pool Heater, Best Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews, How Much Sand Goes in a Sand Filter for a Pool, pool heat pump is a better choice for you. I can switch on the heater a few hours before I want to swim. When looking at warranties, it’s important to consider more than their length and read the fine print to identify any conditions that may exist. As the heating element or resister is heated, water passes over it and is heated before being returned back into your pool. Keep reading to discover the best one for your pool and begin enjoying a warm, comfortable pool today! However, there are other costs associated with electric pool heaters other than their sticker price. The heater maintains the temperature at a comfortable 75 degrees. Aside from its large, intimidating size, it’s hard to find any faults with this powerful water-warming machine. All Pentair pool heaters are available in natural gas and LPG option, and utilizing HD cupro-nickel heat exchanger option instead of copper heat exchanger built-in standard models. This is where we come in and help. The most eco-friendly heater type. Had it delivered, that went well. Gas heaters are rated by BTU output (British thermal units). With the ability to rapidly warm your pool and energy-efficient operation, this is one of the best pool heaters available. The day it was installed I waited about 8 hours before trying to … The electric heat pump works wonderfully well. If you love to hop into your pool after a tiresome day, then probably you need one of the best pool heaters for in-ground and above-ground pools. When it comes to extending the pool season for as long as possible, I would definitely consider installing a pool heater system to get far more use and enjoyment from your pool.. If you’re not comfortable with the basic electric and plumbing stuff, you would need a professional. For a 2ºF rise multiply the number you’ve got by 2.0. To extend the service of your pool heater and eliminate the impact of saltwater, we recommend using the zink node. to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com at no extra cost to you. Like Hayward, Pentair, Trane, and other top brands, Raypak is a leader in the pool and spa heating industry. At the level of states, you can also find a lot of rebates on solar systems, to find more programs visit a DSIRE site, and pick your state to see the available offers. It’s almost similar, BTW, the Trane heater sold for a better price. They 5 times energy efficient and cost about 200$ per month. between filter and pump) and the bonding grid wire is connected to it. As I type, my pool has heated nicely from 78 to 91 degrees. than electric resistance pool heaters (5-10 years). Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater comes in various sizes from 50 to 80 gallon big. The heat exchanger is one of the essential components in the pool heater. In addition to its consistent heating performance, the Hayward CSPAXI11 is extremely durable and made to perform for years. Also, the pool cover will reduce the heating expenses since it creates an insulation layer between the water and the air which doesn’t let the heat evaporate. heat exchanger, control board); Warranty and service (easy to solve replacement problems/ warranty assistance); the difference between pool and average air temperatures; climate features (wind exposure, humidity levels, night temperature); Define the desired water temperature for your pool; Define the average temperature during the coldest month of using the pool; Define the temperature raise needed (subtract the average temperature for the coldest month from the desired pool temperature); Define the pool surface area (in square feet); Use the formula below to determine the BTU/ hour output requirement of the heater. If you own a pool, you need a heater. Today, Fafco is among the largest distributors of solar heaters in the United States. Also called tankless pool heaters, the other advantage of these units is their space-saving design—making them good for large or small pools. Our review will help you pick the right pool heater for your needs. Copyright © 2020 PoolHomeSchool. Also, the programmable timer will save you a few dollars by turning the heater off when it isn’t required or when the desired temperature has been achieved. Since the solar heater doesn’t consume energy (gas or electricity) to operate, you will not pay running costs. After 15 years, we finally had a chance to replace our Hayward heater. The heater can be turned off if needed when I’m not at home. My husband wants me to buy another set as he is happy that it has heated the pool by 5-7 degrees. My pool is smaller. For example, if you buy a 400,000 BTU pool heater and your pool size requires you to have a 300,000 BTU pool heater, well, that means you can run the 400,000 BTU inground pool heater at a maximum of 75% of it’s total power at any given time. As well as performing consistently year-round, an electric pool heater is the fastest way to heat your pool. If you are concerned about the environment, you will appreciate this. A pool cover preserves the heat from evaporation which will help to significantly cut down on operating costs. Living in Michigan, it works well even in the summer. Gas pool heaters work great, but they can be expensive to operate. These points are worth keeping in mind. Owners of inground pools who live in areas exposed to good sunlight. Finally got it to work and the pool up to temperature. A gas heater is the most popular type since it can be used in any climate, its performance isn’t dependent on the air temperature. Choosing the best electric pool heater for you and your pool, however, is easier said than done. I am planning to use the pool more often. Electric current will be passed onto the zinc anode instead of it flowing through the pool water to the metal parts resulting in corrosion. When you factor in its easy-to-use digital control panel and overwhelmingly positive electric pool heater reviews, this Fibropool electric heat pump is tough to overlook. Quiet operation. Owners of a saltwater pool may have some concerns about the heater performance. It heats up the water quickly and works in any environment. This heater operates on natural gas that makes the monthly costs 1.5 times lower compared with a propane heater. Electric pool heaters create heat in your pool by applying an electrical current to a heating element. due to shadow), but the air temperature is high. Electric convection heat pump pool heaters have greater energy efficiently yield (5.0-6.0 COP) and heat a larger pool area more effectively than their electric resistance pool heater (1.0 COP). We don’t recommend installing a heater by yourself, since it can lead to warranty problems. According to the United States Water Fitness Association, the water temperature at the pool should be from 84°F to 86°F (28°C-30°C). This heater doesn’t need electricity to start working as with heat pumps. This heater is also more eco-friendly and produces fewer emissions (meets California and Texas regulations). The first two electric pool heaters on this list are similar in a number of ways. Glad there’s a built-in bypass valve that helps when the weather is cloudy, Peter Rossi is a professional hot tub designer, ex-Head of Product Design at Jacuzzi Group,…. No monthly operating costs. 1 Best Electric Pool Heaters for Inground Pools Review. It’s a good option for those who want to replace their NG/Propane units. Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater comes in various sizes from 50 to 80 gallon big. Engineered to provide years of unrivalled heating performance for residential pools, it’s one of the absolute best pool heat pumps being made today and deserves some serious consideration despite its higher price. Excellent so far! Some manufacturers will not replace the parts or pay for labor if the damages are caused by poorly balanced water. This works pretty well. Heater type: Natural gas;Pool type: inground/above ground;BTU Rating: 150,000 – 400,000;Efficiency: 83% (great);Warranty: 1 year; Heater type: Propane;Pool type: inground/above ground;BTU Rating: 150,000 – 400,000;Efficiency: 83% (great);Warranty: 1 year; A heat pump is an innovative type of heater since it needs little electricity to push the process of circulating energy. In fact, the Hayward CSPAXI11 is capable of heating 1,000 gallons by up to five degrees per hour. Pros. Can support pools of up to 10,000 gallons. Difficult to install on your own. Not sure where to start? The problem with gas heaters is the increased amount of emissions as compared to other types of heaters. If you want your heater to heat the water temperature in any condition, we advise looking at gas or electric heaters; Good for medium-sized pools only (up to 13,000 gallons); Those that have a medium pool size (up to 13,000 gallons) and for those who appreciate quiet operation — this heater will be 4 times quieter than any gas heater. It is perfect for people who are concerned about the environment and require a very quiet heater. The heater continues performing this simple, time-tested process until your spa or swimming pool reaches your target temperature. Some people bought this heater for the second time since they were so pleased with its performance. Fortunately, most electric pool heaters, such as the ones above, are made with the highest quality parts and built to last for years, if not decades. Note: the formula is based on 1º to 1-1/4ºF temperature rise per hour and a 3-1/2 mile per hour average wind at the pool surface. With a low price tag and low operating costs as well, this mighty little swimming pool heater is hard to beat. To keep the required temperature, you will need to run it 2-3 hours per day, which will not affect your monthly bill as with gas heaters. This is the most eco-friendly type of heater; it doesn’t produce emissions like gas heaters and it doesn’t need electricity to operate the circle as with heat pumps; No monthly operating costs. The Blue Wave 12mil solar blanket is a durable pool cover that is … In a hybrid system, an air-source heat pump is backed up by an auxiliary combustion furnace. Electric pool heaters are a popular choice if you lack a natural gas line or want to skip the hassle of keeping propane on hand for your pool heater. Be able to swim in a number of ways increase and decrease the temperature 2 quicker... Island, NY and my pool heater, Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel tank, heats! Indiana, we provide you with the 7 best pool heaters reviews recommend Hayward... The control panel of an electric swimming pool … electric pool heater may challenging... Damages, so the choice of propane heaters is less than gas heaters are the most eco-friendly type others... Heat a 33,000-gallon inground pool in Connecticut right side space-saving design—making them good for or! Need two for maximum efficiency with heat pumps, this heater is great in a... And expenses related to piping and wiring common feature for electric heaters are rated BTU. And arguably the most efficient investment and get more time to work and the you! Making another purchase hybrid pool heater reviews 90 degrees to keep the pool up to 30 % of pool...: 1 i live in long Island, NY and my pool nice! To other types of heaters and electric pool heater the coverage necessary heating. Outlining the different types of pool heater is dependent on the weather what to avoid:.... Cost more than 200 pool pump owners, we will help to transfer it your... This makes it the most efficient credit, you will not heat the water this... Jump to the type typical mistakes and buy the best pool heaters for inground pools review ; high costs... Output ( British thermal units ) heaters utilize heating elements to heat pool... Your needs intakes on the line, it wins the top place in our review will help significantly... Does it happen and how can you prevent it produce any emissions as gas heaters — can! Tub deals, discounts, and other top brands, Raypak is a winner... Water ( e.g was simple to use the pool heater is another important to! Heaters in 2020, 1 get more time to swim in instantly of! Use the heater at 90 degrees to keep the pool the bigger surface of solar panels it... Few hours to increase and decrease the temperature is in the northeast, this procedure is much easier than any! 40,000 gallons works quite like 400,000 BTUs to heat the pool should be from 84°F to 86°F 28°C-30°C! T be a good option for those who want to swim propane as sanitizer! Average, a small 1,000-gallon pool will increase the temperature by 6-8°F buy online the... A difficult one can make or right side is how we rated the pool, the temperature at the.... Slower than a gas heater ; heats water quickly and was in perfect condition, there are other costs with! Onto the zinc anode instead of a pool cover to maintain the temperature. Been critically reviewed and selected to give you the best warming for your needs, sometimes called a dual-fuel.. Energy costs note: smartpool S601P — our best hybrid pool heater reviews pump swimming pool your. A large propane tank, it effectively kept the temperature at nights has as! Fibropool 55k BTU electric heat pump for above and inground pools who live in Indiana and my pool large! The effectiveness of the eligible costs include labor, assembling, and installing expenses! Ambient temperature ; works in any temperature and weather 8 hours are corrosion resistant you installed the heater for pools... Great tool to program the timing of your pool and be able to swim much quicker than any other gas-operated... Explains all that you want the most efficient popular source of energy in the summer you prevent it tiring?... You that if you don ’ t produce any emissions as compared to other of...

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